How We Keep Your Business’s Information Secure [infographic]

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At Shred South, we are dedicated to helping your business protect its information by destroying confidential materials beyond retrieval. In fact, we have been providing a wide range of document destruction services since 2005, and we are proud to be an ITAD partner and NAID-certified organization. Our services will help you maintain compliance with all privacy laws and satisfy your due diligence requirements.

How We Keep Your Business’s Information Secure

  • Paper Shredding- Contrary to popular belief, most identity theft involves non-electronic documents. An office shredder just isn’t good enough, but we can provide on-site shredding using advanced equipment that will completely destroy your physical documents beyond retrieval. Our processes ensure you don’t have to worry about your records getting into the wrong hands.
  • Digital Destruction Your electronic media can contain sensitive company data or information about your clients that needs to be protected. We can destroy this media with specialized equipment capable of destroying up to 1,500 hard drives per hour. We can also destroy CDs, DVDs, flash drives, and other digital media of various sizes.
  • Product Destruction- Off-spec products and proprietary materials need to be destroyed to keep your company’s information protected from competitors or other threats. We can destroy these, as well as uniforms or other branded items you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Secure Containers- Our clients who have regularly scheduled services can benefit from use of our secure containers. These locking containers are available in several sizes, with the largest holding about 300 pounds and the smallest about 30 pounds.

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